Types of unscramblers for empty bottles

The first big question to ask manufacturing companies when suggesting a type of unscrambler for empty containers is whether they have to work with pucks or not.

If so, it is necessary to know if the Puck is of the “loose puck” type or on the contrary it is a “label puck”. From here the unscramblers are divided between linear and rotary.

The linear unscrambler system is very popular in North America. It is a system of linear positioning of straps and hooks to position the bottles.

Rotary unscramblers are most popular in Europe and can be classified between systems with random bottle movement or bottle prepositioning systems.

Another division of rotary unscramblers would be the one that classifies the bottles by artificial vision or by means of a robot-spider system.

Types of unscramblers for empty bottles

In the market of packaging unscrambler machines, we can find a wide variety of solutions, aimed at meeting the needs of multiple industrial sectors: food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical or cosmetic.

Machinery manufacturing companies, specifically for the handling of empty bottles at the beginning of a production line, tend to take into account various factors, in order to offer production companies the best solutions to integrate into their packaging processes.

Next, we mention some of the types of empty bottle positioners with various control systems that production companies can consider incorporating into their packaging lines.

Traktech empty plastic bottle unscramblers

1. Linear unscramblers:

Linear unscramblers for empty plastic containers are especially used for small or medium productions up to 4000 BPH.

One of the great advantages of the Linear Unscramblers of Traktech is the rapidity in the change of format since for each type of bottle (format) there is only one funnel and one star.

Linear Unscrambler PL

Our linear positioners cover a wide range of bottle sizes since they can range from vials to 2.0-liter bottles. Also, mention that the Traktech linear unscramblers do not use compressed air which represents a great energy saving for the user.

The construction of this machine is always made of stainless steel and is equipped with a standard 1000 li hopper.

2. Rotary Unscramblers

The types of unscramblers for empty bottles most demanded are the rotary unscramblers.

These packaging positioning machines are designed for medium to high production processes such as productions of up to 18,500 BPH.

Traktech offers two models of rotary unscramblers in its portfolio: The Rotrak model and the Rotrak AAF model.

Rotary Unscrambler ROTRAK

The main difference between the two models is that the Rotrak AAF model has a universal funnel with automatic format change through our patented AAF (Automatic Adjustable Funnel) system.

The main features of our Rotrak rotary positioner in a production line are:

  • They can operate with rectangular, oval or cylindrical bottles.
  • The format change is fast since the selector and funnel form the same body.
  • The distribution of packages is done without compressed air, by means of a turbine with air pressure.

This packaging positioning machine can also incorporate the automatic format change. Our Rotrak AAF model is an interesting variant that allows companies to obtain savings in time and money, thanks to its innovative funnel that adapts to different packaging formats automatically by direct action on the touch screen, without using tools for the change.

Rotary Unscrambler ROTRAK AAF

As important features of the Rotrak AAF rotary unscrambler, it is worth mentioning:

  • Universal funnel for all positioner sizes which represents an optimization in the Rotrak unscrambler design with the consequent cost reduction.
  • Wide range of containers to the position from 30 mm in diameter to 90 mm. and heights up to 310 mm.
  • The geometry of the package does not matter since its detection is carried out by means of a vision camera.
  • Does not require compressed air.

3. Monobloc unscrambler and rinser, a compact solution

As experts in the handling of containers for the beginning of a production line, at Traktech we reinvest in R&D to be able to launch new products that meet real needs in the market.

As a result of our research, one of the solutions is the monobloc unscrambler and rinser.

It is a compact device that integrates two essential elements for the beginning of packaging lines. It is a rotary unscrambler and a bottle rinser is an all-in-one system.

Aware that each production company has its own needs, producing companies can also choose between any of the rotary unscrambler and any of the variants of rinsers developed in Traktech.

ROTRAK Monobloc Unscrambler and Rinser

The most outstanding advantages of the Rotrak unscrambler system and SG rinser in monobloc system are:

  • Reduction of floor space occupation.
  • Increase in productivity.
  • Cost savings and reduced return on investment due to the unification of many machine elements and rapid commissioning.
  • Simplification of maintenance management since it is a single machine with unified process control.

The options for positioning packages are varied, depending on the needs of each company and the sector. At Traktech we will be happy to help you discover which positioner is the most suitable for your packaging line. Contact Us!