Picture of Traktech's ROTRAK AAF PET bottle unscrambler on a filling line of a company in the household cleaning products industry.

PET bottle unscramblers in a household cleaning product filling line

Reading time: 3 minutes

Case of success! Incorporation of two Rotrak unscrambler model AAF 2300/18 divisions, in two filling lines for PET bottles.

Client in the home cleaning products sector, manufacturer of its own products, as well as producer for important brands and numerous retailers, supplying a market with a multitude of different formats.

They manufacture high-performance products with the aim of creating a powerful cleaning without the need for aggressive ingredients, taking into account the impact on the environment and well-being.

Traktech provides in this project two positioners for PET bottles made of stainless steel with automatic format change and a bottle orientator by machines with detection by means of photocells for the correct orientation of the bottles to the filler.

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Photo of baby milk powder can with dispenser.

Ionized air can rinser

Reading time: 4 minutes

Success case: Installation of a model SG-20 ionized air rinser in a can production line.

Completion time: 4 months.

A manufacturer of stainless-steel cans for the solid food packaging sector, supplier to top global brands of powdered milk for child nutrition, needed to clean and eliminate all possible foreign bodies from their round metal containers of different capacities, to ensure proper and effective cleaning of the inside of the containers.

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Spices, condiments and herbs in a solid food company for packaging and distribution in the restaurant sector

Case of success: Beginning of filling production line for multiformat containers

Reading time: 5 minutes

Case of success: Beginning of bottles filling production line for a complete filling, capping and labelling facility for glass, can and plastic containers.

Multinational company of the food solid sector: ingredients and flavourings, specialists in herbs, aromatic spices and condiments for the catering sector, has built a new factory in the United Kingdom in which they have installed two bottle packaging lines for filling, labelling and packing their products.

The client needed to handle containers at the beginning of the line made of different materials in a single line.

At the first stage implies handling a total amount of six containers: three glass containers, two plastic containers and one can, very different both in size and geometry and at a constant production rate of 170 containers per minute.

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PET containers filled with juices and smoothies from a fruit and vegetable processing plant.

Project: PET bottles filling line. Phase 1

Reading time: 4 minutes

Case of success: PET bottles filling line for diverse formats and shapes.

A company in the fruits and vegetables processing sector without chemical treatment required to develop a PET bottles filling line.

This production line implied handling 8 different types of PET container formats regarding measurements and shapes, with productions from 2.800 to 8.000 bottles per hour (BPH).

The company was searching for a solution for handling empty containers at the beginning of the line, which allowed the supply of bottles to the filling machine with the minimum time of line standstill for changing the format.

The main challenge lied in the containers format and shape. The solution had to consider handling cylindrical, squared, hexagonal and triangular PET bottles.

Furthermore, the client was searching for a solution for handling empty containers which offered higher resistance, durability, and minimum maintenance.

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