distributors in France

Traktech’s commercial network adds 4 new distributors

Between the last quarter of 2018 and the first of 2019, Traktech through its Export Department has closed several commercial agreements, which will allow expanding the commercialization of its machines in 5 new markets: Morocco, Algeria, the Middle East, Australia, and France.

This will allow TRAKTECH , a company specialized in the handling of empty bottles, to strength its network of commercial distributors, as one of the actions proposed in the development of the International Business Plan designed in 2017, with the aim of expanding its business to the 5 continents.

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pet bottles on Bottle Unscrambler Machine

Trends in the packaging sector in Spain: PET bottles

PET bottles are the object of most empty bottle unscramblers available on the market, and they are also the preferred material for the drinks industry in the whole world, hence the importance of monitoring changes in their use and evolution in the bottling sector.

The PET bottling sector in Spain is currently one of the most dynamic and has taken advantage of the economic recovery in the country, expecting growth to continue, thus spurring large investment projects.

These were some of the conclusions of the Report on the PET container market in Spain, presented at the end of 2018 by Alimarket Envases.

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Posicionador Rotativo Rotrak de cambio automático será presentado en el PPMA Show 2018

Rotary Unscrambler ROTRAK with automatic changeover at the PPMA Show 2018 (Birmingham)

Traktech will be present at the PPMA Show 2018 at Stand J96, with Auto Pack, its local distributor in the United Kingdom, presenting its latest novelty: the Rotrak Rotary Unscrambler with automatic changeover.

If you are at the PPMA Show 2018 and want to know everything about our Rotrak Rotary Unscrambler with automatic changeover or more information about our empty bottle handling machines, lubrication systems and end line systems, come to our stand J96 and we will inform you.

The PPMA Show 2018 is a show organized by the Association of Machinery of Processing and Packaging (PPMA) and other associations affiliates of the sector in the United Kingdom, which aims to show the latest developments in the manufacture and design of processing and packaging machines.

We will wait for you!


TRAKTECH would like to thank all the people and companies who visited our stand at the HISPACK show, between May 8th and 11th in Barcelona,

we a had great show both in the number and quality of the visitors. HISPACK allowed us the opportunity to present two great new innovations, ROTRAK AAF  (Automatic Adjustable Funnel)  unscrambler which allows change overs in less than 30 seconds and the TWIST RINSER, the first in line cleaning system for PET bottles for high speed filling lines, integrated into the air conveyor. Both the ROTRAK AAF and TIST RINSER were received positively and seen as a major step forward by customers with many looking to install them on existing or new filling line projects.



Last year 2017, the venture capital company, INTEGRA CAPITAL, founded by Jaume Claramunt  and managed by Mario Sans have shown their belief in TRAKTECH, with  a 400.000 € investment.

This investment from Jaume Claramunt plus their wealth of experience will allow the company to reinforce it’s three point growth philosophy of: Innovation, Internal improvements and International sales.

These three key points should help TRAKTECH reach a target of 6 million € turnover in 2020.


From May 8th to 11th, HISPACK 2018 show will be held in Fira de Barcelona (Gran Via). TRAKTECH will present a great development, the TWIST RINSER. This is a completely new rinser concept that has been designed for high speed PET filling lines. The TWIST RINSER is both rinser and conveyor which means a reduction in machine interfaces while delivering greater efficiencies and cost savings.

Pabellón 1, Calle C, Stand 342

New corporate image for TRAKTECH

Within the company’s growth strategy, and driven by the spectacular year 2016, we believed that it was time to change our corporate image that, while maintaining our essence, was able of transmitting the step forward that we were giving and the company’s values.


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New TRAKTECH facilities

The amazing evolution of the last 3 years, where we have increased our turnover from € 600,000 to € 1,700,000 and the growth strategy planned for the coming years, has led us to carry out a change of facilities to be able to implement the planned improvements in production.


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