Traktech closes agreements with TECS, its French distributor

Traktech has closed the first collaboration agreements with TECS, a company that is part of its commercial network as a new distributor for France and North Africa.

During the talks, the basic lines of the agreements between both companies were agreed, including the participation and collaboration of Traktech in two of the most important trade fairs in France in the bottling, packaging and production sectors.

Meeting between TECS and Traktech in Béziers (France)

       Meeting held at the TECS headquarters in Béziers (France).

TECS is a company with a long history and experience in the packaging and bottling sector, which also represents other Catalan and Spanish companies.

The collaboration between Traktech and TECS includes mainly actions for the French market, and future incorporation in other North African markets (Morocco, Algeria, etc.), where TECS has a wide network of collaborating companies.

Traktech present at French trade fairs

Joint participation in the EUROPACK Euromanut CFIA 2019

Traktech and TECS agreed to participate jointly in the EUROPACK Euromanut CFIA 2019, a trade fair specializing in process, packaging and handling solutions for all industrial sectors.

EUROPACK Euromanut CFIA 2019 will take place from November 19 to 21, 2019 in Lyon.

For this commercial appointment, Traktech will exhibit its most recent and innovative machine: the Rotary Unscrambler ROTRAK AFF with automatic format change.

Collaboration in SITELVI

Traktech will also collaborate with TECS in the SITEVI, international fair of equipment and Know-How for wine production, olives, fruits and vegetables, sending a rinsing bottle machine model Rinser R12 for the commercial exhibition.

SITEVI will be held in Montpellier between November 26 and 28, 2019.

The closing of the negotiations took place in the headquarters of Traktech, with the presence of Messrs. Michel Laure and Geoffrey Galofre, owner and technical salesman of TECS respectively, who also took advantage of the occasion to do a technical training in all the equipment developed and manufactured. by Traktech.