Traktech’s commercial network adds 4 new distributors

Between the last quarter of 2018 and the first of 2019, Traktech through its Export Department has closed several commercial agreements, which will allow expanding the commercialization of its machines in 5 new markets: Morocco, Algeria, the Middle East, Australia, and France.

This will allow TRAKTECH , a company specialized in the handling of empty bottles, to strength its network of commercial distributors, as one of the actions proposed in the development of the International Business Plan designed in 2017, with the aim of expanding its business to the 5 continents.

This diversification of markets, apart from the logical increase in turnover, will provide the company with stability and resilience to future economic contractions.

New distributors of machinery from Traktech

Morocco, the best trading partner of Spain in North Africa, a dynamic economy that for years offers great opportunities to Spanish and European companies. In the Alauí kingdom, TRAKTECH is represented by the SOPRI company with which various offers have already been submitted and work is being done to close the first contracts.

In the Middle East, formed by the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, and Saudi Arabia, TRAKTECH has partnered with the company HUNTERS BAR PACKAGING (HTB), a company specializing in packaging lines with offices in the United Kingdom and Dubai. At the hands of HTB we are present in large-scale projects in Saudi Arabia and other more modest projects in Dubai.

To the antipodes of TRAKTECH, in Australia, we have agreed with ICON EQUIPMENT INTERNATIONAL so that together with its other represented companies, defend our interests, not in vain Australia has a GDP equivalent to Spanish one and therefore it can offer us great opportunities within the next years.

With the help of the company T.E.C.S, located in Béziers (France), TRAKTECH plans to face the introduction in two interesting markets: France, the third European economy and sixth worldwide, and therefore a great growth opportunity for TRAKETCH. And Algeria, just a few hours away from Barcelona, is a dynamic economy with a national industrialization plan that offers great opportunities for manufacturers of industrial equipment.

These 4 new distributors join a commercial network that for years now covers a diversity of markets such as the United Kingdom, Denmark, Finland or Austria, and we continue working to expand our network and get closer to our future customers.

If your company is interested in distributing any of our products for the handling of empty bottles and projects in end of the line, contact us through the following form.