FT 1000: Traktech within the Financial Times 2020 ranking

For the fourth consecutive year, the Financial Times has presented the FT 1000 ranking for 2020, a study that groups together the fastest-growing European companies.

Traktech appears for the second consecutive year in the list of the prestigious British newspaper, among 70 Spanish companies in which companies from the fintech and technology sectors predominate.

The study presented by the British newspaper and developed by Statista, the statistics portal for market data, lists the European companies that achieved the highest percentage growth in revenue obtained between 2015 and 2018.

By 2020, the companies included in the ranking required a minimum growth rate of 38.4% compared to 37.7% last year. Traktech has obtained a growth rate of 49.4%.

How to appear on the FT 1000 

The companies that appear in the Financial Times ranking had to meet the following criteria as income: have generated more than 100,000 euros in 2015 and at least 1.5 million euros in 2018, in addition to the growth of their income between the years of the study is internally (organically) stimulated.

On the other hand, they must be independent companies (does not allow branches or subsidiaries), and, if the companies are listed on the stock exchange, their listing has not decreased by 50% or more since 2018.

Traktech at the FT 1000 in 2020

In the FT 1000 for this year Traktech obtained a growth rate of 49.4%, exceeding, in more than 10 points, the minimum rate required to be able to appear in the list of companies that grow the most in Europe.

In addition, it closed the fiscal year at 2.91 million euros for 2018, accumulating an absolute growth in income of more than 230%.

For the category of capital goods to which Traktech belongs, this year only 7 Spanish companies appear in the ranking, and it is the only company that remains on the list for the second consecutive year, the rest appear for the first time.

In the words of Trakteck CEO Quim Torrella:


Being for the second consecutive year in this prestigious list of companies has been possible thanks to the entire team of people who work daily at Traktech and their commitment to a project that aspires to go a long way.


Trakteck is a Catalan capital goods company founded in 2010, specialists in solutions for the handling of empty bottles: positioners, conveyors, rinsers and depalletizers.