Rotary rinser to clean empty containers

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The Rotary Rinser by TRAKTECH is a compact solution that enables the inside of empty glass, metal or plastic containers to be cleaned, using ionised air, effective for filling lines in companies producing 3,000 – 4,000 bottles per hour (bph).

The ingenious input system for containers in the Rotary rinser, that places the empty containers in a vertical carrousel, allows the surface dedicated to cleaning the containers be as small as possible. Production companies maximise productivity of their filling lines per square metre and improve the utility of the production area.

Advantages of the rotary rinser by Traktech

Quick format change

The Rotary rinser by Traktech has a simple format changeover, requiring less than 5 minutes and no tools, enabling everything to be done by the same production personnel, as a result it lightens the work load of maintenance teams, speeds up the production process and significantly reduces the time needed in the filling line.

Compact solution

The Rotary rinser is a compact solution compared to the space it needs, guaranteeing the same cleaning efficacy in all types of empty containers as in traditional rinsers.

Saving costs

The rotary rinser by Traktech is an effective investment for companies with filling lines of around 3,000 – 4,000 bph.


How does the Rotary rinser by Traktech work?

  • The Rotary rinser receives the containers on a conveyor, puts them in a vertical carrousel that turns them 360º, during this movement, when the containers are upside down, the mouth of the container passes over 4 or 5 nozzles (according to the design of the container) with pressurised ionized air, generating an internal swirling and expelling any particles of dirt, depositing them in a box for collection in the same machine.
  • For the format changeover process of the rotary rinser, you only need to replace the inlet and outlet guide of the container on the carrousel and the plastic components that hold the containers in the vertical carrousel, secured with spring cotters.

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