Side-Grip rinser with blowing and vacuum of ionized air

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The Side-Grip rinser by Traktech have been developed to guarantee production companies perfect internal cleaning of empty glass, plastic or metal containers, through a dual simultaneous blowing and suction system with ionized air, which with its ion charge, enables air circulation inside the empty containers, expelling all the particles of dirt.

The series of Side-Grip rinser can be configured by input and output of empty containers, guaranteeing maximum cleaning.

Advantages of the Side-Grip rinser by Traktech


The Side-Grip rinser for empty containers system is the most flexible and adaptable on the market, due to its ingenious method for transferring containers through the adjustable side-grip conveyors.

Cost effectiveness

The double width and height adjustment (regarding the blowing and suction nozzles) of the Side-grip rinser for empty containers makes it a flexible cleaning system, that can be used in all current formats used by production companies and probably future ones too, giving peace of mind to companies when deciding on present or future investments.


Its system adapts to the company’s production, simply by changing the input and output configuration for empty containers.

Easy to adjust

Format change in any Side-Grip rinser model is simple, without need for special tools or technical maintenance staff.

Side-Grip rinser models

Side-Grip rinser SG-10

Side-Grip rinser SG-10

The Side-Grip rinser model SG-10 is characterised by having a single conveyor, for inlet and outlet of empty containers. A plastic guide moves the containers towards the side grip and returns them to the conveyor again.

The side-grip holds the empty containers, puts them upside down and moves them over the dual washing system with ionized air, so the circulation of ionized air inside will clean the container of any particles, even if the containers are charged with static electricity.

To format changeover, just change the plastic guide for each container and adjust the width of the side-grip. Both adjustments can be done without tools or the help of maintenance technicians.

The Side-Grip rinser model SG-10 is a compact solution with speeds of up to 10,000 bph and cylindrical bottles.

Side-Grip rinsers SG-20 and 30

Side-Grip rinsers SG-20 and 30

The Side-Grip rinsers SG 20 and 30 are characterised by having 2 conveyors, one for input and one for output. The containers enter the side-grip directly, so the format change just needs to adjust the width of the side-grip.

The SG-20 and 30 rinser range is useful for any container format and can reach speeds of up to 30,000 bph.

The Side-Grip SG-20 is built in such a manner that it has the same performance as the Side-Grip SG-30 rinser, with a more compact and economic design. The SG-30, with a longer cleaning length and straight conveyors to enter the side-grip, enables high speeds.

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