Conveyors for primary and secondary packaging and pallet


Traktech offers a set of solutions for primary and secondary packaging and pallet conveyors, designed to handle packaging, from case packer until the end of the production line.

TRAKTECH’s experience and technology enables made to measure solutions for different challenges posed by companies from a wide range of sectors. We develop conveyor systems for packaging in the food industry, pharmaceutical, beverage, etc.


Primary packaging conveyors

We have systems to manage packaging before case packer. We have textile belt conveyors, modular belt, doypack management systems and food pouches such as rotary station,  stacker, etc.



Secondary packaging conveyors

We manufacture secondary packaging systems: between case packer and palletisation. Offering textile belt conveyors, modular band, roller conveyors for boxes, elevator systems, sorters, stackers, rotary station, pushers, etc.



Packaging conveyors for end of line

We also have solutions for moving and handling pallets, and even palletizing with an anthropomorphic robot. We have chain conveyors, rollers, turning units and pallet transfer and storage.



Solutions for multiple sectors

Textile belt conveyors

Textile conveyor belts made of PVC for different applications. With a stainless steel or painted regular steel chassis. Straight or curved 90º conveyors for boxes, packs or doypacks. We adapt to the cleaning and maintenance specifications of each industry.

Modular belt conveyors

Made of AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel. Open sections and holes all along the conveyor to facilitate cleaning and drainage of water, sorters, brakes, food pouches turns and overturning. Maximum sloping surfaces to avoid residual water and comply with the hygienical needs of the food industry.

Retractable conveyors

We have developed a modular retractable belt conveyor valid for solutions such as product stacking, rejection or as simple passage for people. The retraction can be manual, for passage of people or automatic, for rejection or stacking. If it is automatic, it can be pneumatic or with a servo according to the speed and precision.

Modular ball belt conveyors

Ball grid conveyors to make product rotations, turning or high-speed product grouping.

Roller conveyors

Roller conveyors for boxes, packs… for all types of industry. We manufacture conveyors made of painted steel, galvanized or made of stainless steel. Special applications such as turns, 90º transfers, rotations, etc.

Pallet conveyors

An extensive range of palletizing systems. Roller conveyors for pallets, double and triple chain. Pallet jack receivers, pallet trolleys… We have a standardized range to solve any pallet movement needs at the end of the line.

Rotation and transfer units

Pallet transfer units at 90º in combination with chain and rollers. A mechanical elevation system that confers smoothness, toughness and durability. Designed for large loads. 90/180º roller rotation units for pallets.

Pallet warehouse

Warehouse and dispenser of empty pallets. We have 2 versions: automatic elevation and mechanical elevation that can hold columns of up to 15 pallets.

This large variety of primary, secondary and pallet packaging conveyors enables TRAKTECH to offer satisfactory solutions to all challenges and needs of companies in different sectors.


For further information about our packaging conveyor solutions or any other of our products, please contact us through the following form.