Solutions configurator for the empty bottles handling

Traktech presents its new solution configurator for handling empty bottles.

A usefull tool, created especially for production companies to know and visualize the ideal configuration for the management and handling of empty containers in their production line.

How to use the solution configurator for the empty bottles handling.

To know which is the best complete solution for the empty bottles handling that better suits the production  needs in your Company, you have only to click at the following link:

And, through a brief simple selection questionnaire, answer the six questions related to the type of packaging, its shape, the required working speed, if it requires cleaning,  among other relevant issues in the production line.

After completing the questions, the configurator makes a proposal regarding the recommended line.

As a result, a three-dimensional (3D) image is obtained, with which you can also interact, rotating, increasing or decreasing the suggested solution, etc.

In this way, companies can see, from all angles the proposed line.

Next, and as an example, we can visualize an animated image of one of the solutions for the manipulation of bottles suggested by the tool:

Un resultado ejemplo del Configurador de Soluciones para la manipulación de botellas vacías creado por Traktech SL

If you want to know more solutions for handling empty containers, you can redo the questionnaire.

Six short questions, a solution for handling empty bottles.

To get an idea of how simple it can be to answer the brief questionnaire of the solution configurator, here are the questions:

  1. What kind of packaging feeding system do you need?
  2. What material is the container? (The type of bottle)
  3. What shape is the container?
  4. What speed range do you require?
  5. How are the containers received?
  6. Do you need to clean the containers before filling them?

The configurator proposes a solution that responds to the real needs of the companies, provided that these needs are adapted to the scope of supply of Traktech.

What types of solutions will you find in the configurator?

The Traktech Solution Configurator combines three of its main machines at the beginning of the line, such as:

  • depalletizers
  • Positioners, and
  • Rinsers.

At Traktech we hope that the Solution Configurator for handling empty bottles becomes a useful tool for companies that need the best solutions for the beginning of their production lines.

Do not wait any longer to use it¡  Any questions and additional information, Contact us!